Mark Washington, P.E.

Principal - Senior Project Manager

Executive Summary

Mr. Washington is a thoroughly rounded engineer who has over 35 years of experience in the field of HVAC. He specializes in the design of HVAC systems for facilities such as college campus', community buildings, churches, historical buildings, correctional facilities, housing, museum, governmental, retail, educational facilities and more. He has provided designs for renovation, repairs, maintenance, new construction, and addition to facilities. He also specializes in conducting reports, evaluation and recommendation in the field of HVAC design.



B.S., Mechanical Lafayette College, Easton, PA


Licenses & Certifications

PE Licenses: PA, NJ, MD, VA 


Work Experience

S.L. King & Associates from 2021
Years with Other Firms: 35



American Society for Heating & Refrigeration Engineers through MUEI.



Relevant Project Experience


Garden Spires Buildings

Newwark, NJ

Role: Project Manager - Mechanical Engineer. For two 280,000 SF high-rise apartment buildings, renovations included replacement of old scotch marine fire tube steam boilers with six new 3000 MBH high efficiency gas fired AERCO condensing hot water boilers, domestic hot water system replacement using flat plate heat exchangers fed from new boiler system. Boilers were piped in parallel with primary-secondary arrangement. Secondary pumping were vertical pad mounted provided with variable frequency drives. 


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA

Role:Project Manager - Mechanical Engineer. Renovations included replacement of an old cast iron sectional 1700 MBH hot water boiler with two new modular 850MBH high efficiency gas fired Lochinvar condensing boilers. System replacement included in-line zone pumps with ECM motors piped in a primary-secondary arrangement.


Spruce Spires Buildings

Newark, NJ

Role: Project Manager - Mechanical Engineer. For five mid-rise apartment buildings, renovations included replacement of cast iron sectional boilers with a series of Lochinvar modular high efficiency gas fired condensing hot water boilers.  Boilers ranged in sizes of 400MBH to 750MBH.  The new boilers serve the building’s heating and domestic hot water requirements.  Boiler hot water was piped in a primary-secondary arrangement.  In-line pumps with ECM motors were provided to serve multiple heating zones, including high volume domestic hot water tanks.


Philadelphia Water Department (PWD)

Philadelphia, PA

Role: Project Manager - Mechanical Engineer. Provided HVAC systems physical needs assessments (PNA) for the Administration Building, Bulk Oil Storage Building, Effluent Building, Shop & Maintenance Building, Sodium Hypo Building and Warehouse Building at the Southwest Water Pollution Control Plant (SWWPCP). The facility with 75,000 SF, PNA included assessing the condition of HVAC systems for office, laboratory, effluent storage and central boiler/chiller plant equipment.


Harrison Plaza - Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA)

Philadelphia, PA

Role: Project Manager - Mechanical Engineer. Provided MEP physical needs assessments (PNA) for the 14 story, approximately 140,000 SF apartment building. Systems included central boilers, domestic water heaters, hot water baseboard, electrical switchgear and office air handling units.

Mark Washington, P.E.