Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment Facilities

S. L. King & Associates, Inc. (SLKA) provided mechanical and electrical design and project management services to the City of Atlanta to help implement a plan to eliminate water quality violations from combine sewer overflows (CSO). SLK helped to modify the existing East CSO to treat 25 mgd. The East CSO tunnel, which is an extension of an existing tunnel, will convey flows from the east area of Atlanta to the Intrenchment Creek CSO facility for treatment before discharge to the Intrenchment Creek in DeKalb County. The Intrenchment Creek CSO facility will be upgraded to provide enhanced treatment.

SLKA also helped the City build a new CSO treatment facility which will store and convey overflows from the west are of Atlanta to a new dedicated treatment facility located on the site of the decommission steam plant next to the existing R.M. Clayton WRC. At this facility, the combined sewage and storm water will undergo far more advanced treatment than that provided at existing facilities before being discharged into receive waters. The advanced treatment includes both physical and chemical processes that remove more suspended solids and metals, filtration and disinfection by ultraviolet (UV) light that destroys virus and bacteria to protect public health .

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